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Roses . Ruscus. No include  Rose Bear (Optional)

Fiori Flowers in NYC where French sophistication and elegance are beautifully hand crafted into a box of flowers by a highly professional team of talented floral designers, whose ability to convey your love, appreciation, care, dreams, and hopes through flowers is just mind-blowing, and whose vision, creativity, knowledge is unparalleled.

We live in a flower-giving-culture. Thoughtfully and sometimes thoughtlessly, we give flowers —when a baby is born, when someone graduates or succeeds in something. We give flowers to someone to make them feel special, we also give them during times of uncertainty, commemoration and death. The thought that flowers have established a strong presence in the cycle of life is justified through personal and historical testimonies. 

It is unknown when humans first started giving flowers to one another, but we know that it occurred with the hunter-gatherers, when the ‘hunter’ surprised the ‘gatherer’ with a handpicked bouquet to celebrate the day’s meal. This suggests that even then, gifting flowers was a means of communicating a special sentiment, which grew to be a tradition among cultures. 

Despite the noticeable evolution of customs since the times of hunter-gatherers, we learn that the message behind giving flowers has remained the same. Celebration, they say.



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FIORI Flowers
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